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Animations for Smoke Free at Home NM

JaM recently finished a project for the New Mexico Department of Health, where we were tasked to create two separate animations intended for two opposite sides of the spectrum audiences. One was for property owners of multi unit properties and the other, their prospective residents.

Simply put we had one budget and we needed to accomplish both within. Our company spent a great deal of time looking and casting for an animator to work with us on this project. We handled the concept, scripting, storyboarding, voicing and recording/mix.

After sometime we came upon a talented animator working in Australia by the name of Phillip Smith who had created a line of animated puppets using the Adobe Character Animator platform. The uniquely created clay animated puppets Phillip had made were perfect for our storyline.

From there, the partnership and work began.

The end product turned out to be better than we had anticipated, the client was very impressed for the work done.

Phillip, who also runs his animation studio 'Electro Puppet' has meticulously detailed the process of how both animations were built and it's a great read that also includes links to the final animations. We've managed to create something that apart from client relationship success, at the end of the day is a good thing for humanity as well.

Here's Phillip's write up titled: 'Case Study: Smoke Free at Home.'

And of course if we can help you with your project requirements feel free to drop us a line or ask questions directly by email through our main home page here:

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