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Behind The Scenes with Our Team

The Out-of-the-box Thinkers


Mary Carrera

Sales and Creative

Mary has the right and left brain balance to handle client's needs accordingly, timely and professionally, while also focusing on creative. She cares so much for our clients, that she's part of all campaign aspects, especially design and video.


Jody Baxmeyer

Digital Superhero and Voice Over Guru

Here's the "J" in JaM.  A voice used internationally, production awards, writer, producer, and, yes, Jody also taps into the left side of the brain as he tackles social media and SEO/sem work daily for our clients.  The humor and creative make this a natural position for Jody.


Zuriel Zerón

Linguistic Marketing Expert

Zuriel oversees all translations provided to clients and spearheads most of the work.   If you're looking for professional, technical, and/or hip and current translations, Zuriel can handle it all, and quick.


Pierre Lemoine

Head of IT

Talented, quick, honest, smart and experienced.  When you get Pierre working your website, you get total transparency and quality work.  We don't cut corners, we ensure that your website is properly built from the start.

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