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  • Lance Cody-Valdez

How Data Visualization Can Help Your Business

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

In the current professional climate, information overload can seem inevitable. With so many facts and figures being collected it may become difficult to identify raw data's relevance or purpose. JaM Advertising & Productions explains that data visualization helps your company, your customers and your investors understand the specifics and implications of your data so they can take educated action.

How Can Data Visualization Benefit My Employees?

Salesforce notes that data visualization refers to information presented in a graphic manner, such as graphs, charts, diagrams, and infographics. It organizes information in a clear, easily interpreted manner so the appropriate parties can understand and act on it without confusion. Research from MIT shows that 90% of the human brain's sensory input is visual, and 64% describe themselves as "visual learners.” Presenting findings in such a widely understandable and attention-grabbing format will allow your team to process trends and problems easily without the delay of interpreting the raw data.

What Types of Data Visualization Are There?

Covering far more than common graphs and charts, data visualization is an umbrella term that includes a variety of formats. Infographics are a varied method by which you can communicate and comment on information in an organized and easily digested manner. These are typically more in-depth and annotated presentations that help the reader interpret the info being shown.

These graphics can be distributed to your team on their own, displayed in high-traffic areas, or discussed comprehensively in PowerPoint presentations. In addition to standard slideshows, animations and video presentations can be used to ensure the viewer addresses the information in the correct order, while also typically being more engaging. There are also services that are dedicated to helping you create and disseminate informational videos regarding your company.

How Can Informational Graphics and Banners Help Me Advertise?

Having a clear idea of what problems are trending in your company or industry will allow you to address them more efficiently. Visualizing the topics of customer complaints, for example, will give you a better understanding of what solutions will need to be implemented and in what order. Having a timeline of profits will give a sense of what actions resulted in increased sales or what time of year certain products and services see a jump in demand.

These techniques aren't just for internal communication; your customers can benefit from this visualization as well. A banner template can be a useful tool when sharing data visualization. By using this free banner design, you can effectively brand your data visualizations when sharing your results with others. When choosing a template, it is important to consider the type of data you will be displaying and the platform where it will be posted. Once you have selected a template, you can customize it as needed, then download for sharing. .

How Else Can These Methods Help?

You can create pointed graphics to show where your company stands regarding factors such as profits, prices, productivity and community outreach. You can compare yourself against competitors and industry averages to put your best foot forward and demonstrate where you excel. Using infographics to show how your company stacks against the competition can also function as unconventional advertising. It not only bolsters your business' image to the general public but can help convince prospective and current investors that your company is worth the risk.

Mountains of uninterpreted raw data can feel meaningless at first. Taking the time to organize, interpret and visualize information will help your team address problems and communicate their triumphs with efficiency and understanding.

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